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    Aher Appealed Insan Media Able to Detain Hoax News


    BANDUNG-Governor of West Java Ahmad Heryawan appealed to mass media or mainstream to be able to ward off hoax news circulating in the society.

    "I hope the print media, electronic and online, when there is hoax information which disturbs the public, the mainstream media appear to clarify," said Ahmad Heryawan when giving a speech at the silaturahmi (gathering) and breaking fast with the Governor of West Java with Jajaran Insan Pers in Trans Luxury Hotel Ballroom, Bandung, Friday (6/23/2017)

    "Because in the end, when there is hoax news spread in the society, the most trusted source is the mainstream media. I think so, if you ward off the hoax is easy, "he added.

    Heryawan also appealed to the Jajaran Insan Pers in West Java to bring news or fresh information with good language, informative and educative.

    "By way of news like this will be able to dismiss the hoax news which is now freely spread in the society because of the information technology is very easy," he said

    Sorting the hoax information can simply be seen from the elements contained in it like 5W and 1H.
    Simply sort the hoax information that can be seen from the elements contained in it like 5 W and 1 H.

    "It is simple actually, if you read a news, the source must meet the criteria of 5 W 1 H. That's certainly confirmed as a media fact, happened like that then reported the way it is," he explained.

    For that reason, according to the number one person in West Java is reminding people not to get stuck with wrong information or even misleading. In addition, he appealed to the public when receiving hoax news in order not to spread it first before the truth revealed.

    "I ask every people not to get caught up in the hoax news. When there is someone shared to social media, we should not take for granted, if there are things that are considered awkward, do not ever spread to others unless we are sure that the information is true," he said.

    "So if the information we receive is doubtful, please bear it should not be distributed first to confirm the first to a more competent person," he added

    Aher, the nickname of the Governor of West Java, invites the Jajaran Insan Pers to bring the four pillars of democracy well.

    "Let us present the pillars of democracy well because pillars 1 to 3 (Executive, Judiciary and Legislative-red) are in government," he said.

    According to him, the media as the fourth pillar should be able to control the course of government so they could encourage the progress of the nation.

    "The media should be able to control the running of government to keep it running well, siding with the people and progress of the nation, and not discriminate by taking side with a group of people," he concluded. (MAT)

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