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    Safe and Comfortable Driving Tips During Idul Fitri


    In this workshop, NMI provides comprehensive education and information sharing for travelers who will travel far.
    President Director of Nissan Motor Indonesia, Eiichi Koito said, with the increasing mobility in the homecoming, he wants to ensure all their customers so that they can ghater with family in the hometown safely and comfortably.
    "With this workshop, we want to provide the community with various useful tips so that their homecoming experience becomes more fun," said Eiichi in his official statement in Bandung, Saturday (24/6/2017)
    Trainer of Nissan College, Sugihendi explains some things to watch out for when driving long distances. Starting from ensuring the preparation of the vehicle, to driving techniques that is safe and comfortable.
    "There are 10 aspects to be considered in the preparation, check the tires, batteries, brakes, wipers, washer, engine oil, radiator, lights, first aid kit, and regular service regularly. If those aspects are in good condition, they will bring a sense of calm in the trip back and forth, "he explained
    In Driving safety, travelers should pay attention to the load , so it will not overweight , resting every four hours driving, and ensure that the rear window of the car is not blocked by the load.
    "Manage your load, make sure all the goods are tied up, or given a safety net, keep the heavy items in the bottom to maintain stability, and do not put the luggage beyond the height of the back, because it can lead to serious injury during an accident," he said.
    Talk about eco-driving skills, Sugihendi also urges travelers to accelerate gradually, avoid overloading machines or engine speeds, and adjust how to drive when facing traffic jam to avoid wasteful fuel consumption.
    "For traffic jam, step on the gas pedal smoothly, and if possible just use the brake pedal only for automatic transmission and CVT to reduce fuel usage," he concluded. (MAT)

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