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    East and West Brebes Flows are Smooth


    CIREBON-Until 16:00, Friday (23/06), the flow of homecomers to Central Java and East Java continues to increase. But the increase in the vehicle has not affected the congestion in the Brebes region.

    From monitoring at Pejagan Brebes to West Brebes and East Brebes the vehicle runs up to 100 KM / Hr when crossing the Brebes Toll.

    The number of vehicles seem to decrease, because many vehicles from the direction of Jakarta ended the journey in Cirebon or out to Pejagan to continue the trip to Purwokerto.

    But along the journey many homecomers are found resting on the side of the road which is quite dangerous.

    The number of vehicles that stop at the side of the road make the local people to take the opportunity to sell snacks and drinks to homecomers. Though a large banner is put on on the toll road to give warning that they cannot sell along the highway. Jo

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