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    Homecomers in Cicaheum Terminal is Decreased 18%


    BANDUNG-The atmosphere at Cicaheum Terminal to H-2 before Idul Fitri 2017 is still quiet. The results of the monitoring team jabarprov.go.id on Friday (23/06) afternoon, there is no many passengers in the waiting rooms in the terminal.

    According to the Head of Terminal Cicaheum, Roni Hermanto, during this year's homecoming season there is a decrease of travelers in Cicaheum Terminal. The decrease that occurred about 18% is expected to occur because many travelers prefer to use private vehicles.

    "The number of passengers already departed from Cicaheum Terminal up to H-3 before Idul Fitri in 2017 is 15,136 passengers, down 18% from 2016 which amounted to 18,567," said Roni.

    To anticipate the explosion of passengers, the Cicaheum Terminal has also provided additional fleet of 20 additional bus assistance from Perum Damri.

    Roni also added that the surge of travelers in Terminal Cicaheum began on H-3, especially travelers with destination to Pangandaran, Tasikmalaya, and Kuningan.

    "The surge of travelers began on H-3 yesterday, especially for travelers destination to Pangandaran, Tasikmalaya and Kuningan." For H-2 days, the spike is still increases in those destination, "he explained.

    For the passengers comfortness, the Cicaheum Terminal also provides convenient waiting rooms, praying rooms, and toilets that can be used by all terminal stakeholders.

    Finally, Roni provides some tips for travelers. First, travelers are expected to maintain their health condition because this is the month of fasting. Second, do not accept food or drink from an unknown person. Third, it is better not to use accessories that is conspicuous, such as excessive jewelry that can invite crime. Finally, travelers are expected to buy tickets from official agents or directly at the counter that has been provided at the terminal cicaheum.


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