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    Middle Route Traffic is Smooth


    SUMEDANG-The flow of going home toward Cirebon through the middle route is increase. Nevertheless the vehicle can run quite fast with speed 40-60 KM / hour.

    At 09:40, the queue at the Cileunyi toll gate was quite short, there is no  traffic jam. Vehicles only faltered because of the intersection that will lead to Bandung.

    Meanwhile, vehicles that want to go to Sumedang through the shortcut Parakan Muncang suffered congestion at the fork road between Cicalengka-Parakan Muncang. The reason is the number of market visitors and motorcycle parking that fill the road. But after pass the market, the current flow of the vehicle is quite smooth to T-junction Tanjungsari.

    Until 11:30, Friday (23/06), the flow of vehicles is still very smooth that crossed the middle route of Sumedang to Majalengka.

    But travelers need to remember that a number of congestion points will occur late afternoon according to information that the flow of vehicles from Jakarta to Cirebon began to increase .Jo


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