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    Cileunyi Exit Toll is Experiencing Congestion


    BANDUNG-Based on jabarprov.go.id monitoring team in Cileunyi exit toll, Thursday (22/6) there has been congestion, at around 15:10 pm. The congestion is estimated to be three kilometers long.

    The congestion, due to the travelers who begin to follow the south path to the east, include: Tasikmalaya, Ciamis, Banjar to continue towards Central Java. In addition to the travelers, at the same time, it is the time to get home from work on the last day of Ramadan before the holiday / leave together on Friday (23/6).

    In addition to the exit toll road, Cileunyi road towards Cirebon has also been congestion. Until this afternoon Thursday (23/6) at 16:20 is still a bottleneck.

    The police have made arrangements in the field so that congestion can be more decomposed and no worse, given the flow of homecoming has appeared from the west.

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