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    Literacy and Access to Finance Continuously Improved


    BANDUNG-The number of bank and non-bank financial institutions in Indonesia is overwhelming, but knowledge and access to financial institutions are still relatively small.

    Head of West Java OJK Regional II as director of West Java TPAKD Sarwono said in Indonesia there are approximately 118 commercial banks and 1,630 People Loan Bank, while the total population of Indonesia is about 250 million people.

    "Supposedly, the people of Indonesia in general have access to finance, but in fact still not as expected," he said.

    From the survey conducted OJK in 2016, recorded only 29% of people who have sufficient understanding of financial products and services. It is due to many things. There are at least three that make this condition happen.

    That is the lack of intensive education, the existence of rules about collateral and banking distance that is not easily reached by the village community.

    "The issue of education is not only the responsibility of OJK but also the banking services industry, it should be improved," he said. Jo

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