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    Rumah Wakaf Distributed Dozens of Braille Korans


    TASIKMALAYA-Rumah Wakaf distributes Waqf Braille Korans to Al-Hikmah Taklim Assembly. Al-Hikmah Taklim Assembly is a blind community in the village of Quran Padasuka, Tasikmalaya. Here more than 30 blind people join and study the Koran together.

    In this assembly the santri still exist that do not have the Braille Korans. So when the study and learning routine is held once a week, the Taklim Assembly members must take turns using the existing Braille Korans.

    "There are still some members who have not been able to buy the Braille Korans. So we are very grateful for the gift of the Braille Korans for our assembly. Hopefully a good deed for the donors, "said Ustadz Rahmat, Founder of Al-Hikmah Taklim Assembly, (Wednesday, 21/6).

    In addition to reading, the program run in the Taklim Assembly is memorizing the Korans. One member, Iin is the most active member in the assembly. Now, Iin can already memorize 30 juz Al Quran.

    "Alhamdulillah although there are still some who like to forget, but God willing I know by heart. Usually I keep repeating my memory to not forget. Although first learning Braille is a bit difficult, but if we are diligent study and want to keep repeating, God willing we can memorize Al Quran, "he said. (Even)

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