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    West Java Legislative Council Observes of Pangandaran Regency


    PANGANDARAN - West Java Legislative Council (DPRD) held a meeting with officials of Pangandaran.

    West Java Legislative Council delegation, led by Vice Chairman Haris Yuliana accepted by Pangandaran Regent David Achmad.

    At these meeting was also attended by some circles of West Java Parliament among others: Chairman of DPRD's Commission V West Java Agus Welianto, member of Commission III DPRD West Java Kusnadi. And also presented by ranks of Perdasi members of the Pangandaran District.

    Haris, in the meeting describe the condition of Pangandaran should be appreciated in the success of last elections. It was already running successfully including in other areas that organised the simultaneous elections.

    Pangandaran, with tourism potential will fully supported in the implementation of development by West Java DPRD.

    These visit will see the realisation of strategic program. In Pangandaran, it will see the development stages venue for PON 2016. DPRD gave appreciation in order to the 13 ha of land acquisition for manufacture horse racing venue.

    Meanwhile, Acting Regent of Pangandaran, Daud Ahmad said that the venue of PON in 2016 there were two sports will be held that is racetrack in Legok Jawa and parachuting in Nusawiru.

    For the racetrack, the land that has been liberated of 13 hectares. The 10 hectares of land was from the village treasury.

    It expected with these facilitation, in the future can boost public’s economic growth in the area.

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