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    Friday and Saturday are the Peak, Just Try Homecoming in Thursday


    BANDUNG-Peak flow of homecoming that will pass West Java is predicted to occur on Friday and Saturday tomorrow, or H-1 and H-2.

    To avoid being caught in traffic jams in the lane of homecoming as in Pantura or on the South line, travelers are advised not to leave on Friday or Saturday, but on Thursday.

    "If you can leave on Thursday, do not wait for the peak on Friday and Saturday," said West Java Police Chief Anton Charlian.

    However, according to him, the officers are ready to stay along the route to anticipate if there is a long traffic jam with the current shift, either through toll roads, main roads to alternative routes.

    What is clear according to him, the driver must still obey traffic signs and prioritize safety and comfort on the road so arrive in the destination safely.

    "If you are tired, rest in the post, many rest rooms are prepared, keep the health condition and avoid the peak of traffic jam. Homecoming today, not Friday or Saturday," he said. Jo

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