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    Unpad Opens Enrollment Outside Campus Study


    BANDUNG-After the National Selection of State University Entrance (SNMPTN) and Joint Selection of State Universities (SBMPTN) was held, Padjadjaran University opened the self-regulation program for the Bachelor of Applied (Diploma IV), Main Study Outside Campus Program (PSDKU) And Nursing S1 in Garut Regency.

    For this year, there are 6 Applied Bachelor programs opened, namely Accounting Taxation (Faculty of Economics and Business), Administration of Government (Faculty of Social and Political Sciences), Public Administration (Faculty of Social and Political Sciences), Chinese Language and Culture (Faculty Cultural Science), and Media Production Management (Faculty of Communication Studies), and Prodi Midwifery (Faculty of Medicine).

    Meanwhile, PSDKU Pangandaran was opened based on Unpad commitment in increasing regional development in East Priangan. With the existence of universities in a region, it is expected that economic life in the region will grow.

    "The study program opened is a study program that has strong relevance to the needs of its territory and PSDKU Program study that is a program that has been opened in Jatinangor campus and has been accredited A," said Director of Public Communication Ade Kadarusman.

    As for the five programs that were opened in PSDKU Pangandaran, namely Business Administration (Faculty of Social and Political Sciences), Animal Husbandry (Faculty of Animal Husbandry), Communication Science (Faculty of Communication Science), Nursing (Faculty of Nursing), and Fisheries (Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Sciences) .

    To Bachelor of Nursing program study in Garut Regency is the transfer of management of Academic of Garut Nursing which was originally managed by regency government to Unpad. This is related to the implementation of Law No. 23 of 2014 on Regional Government which states that the authority of management of higher education belongs to the Central Government.

    Admission of the Applied Bachelor program itself is open on 18 April to 29 June. While registration PSDKU in Pangandaran and Garut opened on May 2 to June 30. All online registration, by accessing the page https://pendaftaran.unpad.ac.id/.

    Independent Path Registrant is a participant who has followed SBMPTN 2017. This SBMPTN result will be used for the selection process of Applied Undergraduate program and PSDKU. With emphasis on the results SBMPTN, expected to netted a qualified student candidate equivalent to the Regular Bachelor program.

    The registration mechanism, participants access to the registration page.unpad.ac.id to sign-up to the SMUP participant portal. Required data are name, Population Master (NIK) number, mobile number, and email address. Jo

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