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    West Java-Jakarta Will Continue to Synergy


    BANDUNG-West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan (Aher) received a visit from the Selected Vice Governor of DKI Jakarta Period 2017-2022, Sandiaga Salahudin Uno in Gedung Pakuan, Otto Iskandardinata Street No. 1, Bandung, Tuesday afternoon (20/6/17). In the meeting, Aher admitted to discuss about potential and development synergy between West Java Province and DKI Jakarta.

    Aher said the harmony - especially in the border area between West Java and Jakarta needs to be continued. Aher emphasized the development of spatial and harmonization of infrastructure at the border needs to be enhanced alignment.

    "Including public services, because there may be a number of West Java people who go to DKI Jakarta or to DKI Jakarta Community Health Center or vice versa, I think such things need to be harmonious cooperation, which is good," Aher said after the meeting.

    "God willing, hopefully development on the border more harmonious, the better," he added.

    Meanwhile, Sandiaga Uno said that the cooperation between DKI Jakarta and West Java, which is Oke Oce, through job creation and entrepreneurship. More specifically, the man who is familiarly called Bang Sandi is seeing the potential of coffee in West Java that has been recognized internationally.

    "The best coffee in the world is in Puntang and Malabar, and in Jakarta, there are not many friends who are now in charge of coffee shop or barista for cooperation," said Sandi.

    Jakarta is the largest market for coffee products in Indonesia before exporting to other countries. It is expected that in the future the cooperation that exists between West Java and Jakarta can increase the production of coffee from West Java in the capital city.

    "The best coffees in the world are not too far from Jakarta (West Java) .That could be the source of job creation that is real and it is certain that the economy grows, moves at the grass roots and secondly, the supply of the best ingredients also comes into Jakarta through a synergy, "said Sandi.

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