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    West Java Provincial Government Officials are Prohibited to Receive Parcel


    West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan (Aher) affirmed that officials in the West Java Provincial Government (Pemprov) are prohibited to receive or send gifts or parcels to fellow officials of the State Civil Apparatus (ASN)

    "For ASN officials in the West Java Provincial Government do not think about getting parcels, including sending a parcel to the Governor I insist do not send parcel," he told reporters after attending the Plenary Session of Introductory Memorandum of Governor About Regional Regulation Draft Liability for Budget Year 2016 Implementation in the West Java Parliament building, Bandung, Wednesday (21/06/2017)

    Aher insisted he would not receive a parcel from the entire Organization of Regional Devices (OPD) or from all officials in West Java. However, the Governor does not prohibit ASN officials to send parcels to the community or relatives to tighten the bonds.

    "If officials give parcel to the public are welcome or to neighbors around the mosque, friends or relatives in tightening friendship are welcome," he said

    "But related to the job, there is no parcel and can not accept parcel !," he said

    Aher admitted sometimes giving from society to him can not be forced.

    "Usually I am in Gedung Pakuan get submissions from the community such as Ranginang, Kicimpring, Opak," he added.

    According to him, the provision of snacks typical of West Java is derived from the average perpetrators of SMEs and Cooperatives.

    "Often they tell me if I can not send food and my food is tasted with my governor, yes if it is so we are subdued, it is very conscience and there is no element of all kinds," he added.

    The governor also claimed to often get a parcel shipment of snack food from the perpetrators of SMEs.

    "But I am a heroic so I will taste because they said they want the food tasted by the governor. It shudders us, then I must try the food," he concluded. (MAT)

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