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    West Java Regional Secretary Homecoming Appeal: Civil Servants Do not Bring Family From Village


    BANDUNG-West Java Regional Secretary Iwa Karniwa appealed that civil servants (PNS) of West Java provincial government go home did not bring relatives back to the city.

    Iwa said, Provincial Government or Regency / City civil servant should be able to give understanding to the relatives in the village to stay and try in the village. "Go home, make sure they keep trying in the village. Because many jobs in the village whose wages are not too different from the city, "he said at Gedung Sate, Bandung, Wednesday (21/6).

    He said the civil servants should be encouraged so that relatives who work as farmers need not be ashamed to try. From his survey, the agricultural sector and plantation opportunities are currently wide open. "So the youth in the village do not have to be ashamed working in this sector," he said.

    In addition, budgets from the central and provincial governments are now flowing into villages where rural development means that it is being driven to grow. "So the civil servants who go home will not bring relatives nor increase the burden of the city, unless their families are going to school to a higher level," he explained.

    Iwa also asked that civil servants who will stay in touch with their villages to be careful when leaving home. He reminded before leaving the keys, water, electricity, the stove is checked so as not to cause disaster when abandoned.

    "The roof is also checked, not to be left leaked. Once done, goodbye to the neighbors at the same time entrust the house, so that the relationship is quiet and when left safe, "he said.

    Another important thing Iwa said is to check the condition of both motor vehicles and cars that will be used for homecoming. The condition of the brakes, radiators and other vehicle devices should be checked in order to be comfortable on the road. "The full content of the fuel, so when jammed not encounter any problems. Arrive in the village, deliver our greetings from the West Java Provincial Government to family and friend, "he said.

    Finally Iwa asks civil servants to utilize the time off together to stay in touch. "Going home again and back to work should not be late, there is already time off and that is enough," he concluded.

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