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    Head of Education Office (Kadisdik) West Java Signed Letter On Protester's Back


    BANDUNG-Head of Education Office (Kadisdik) West Java, Achmad Hadadi, signed a statement on the back of one of the protesters during a rally on West Java PPDB in front of the gate of West Java Parliament Building on Wednesday (21/6). The letter is written by the head of West Java Office and stamped states that the West Java provincial government will finance underprivileged students (RMP) in designated private schools.

    Dozens of protesters call themselves West Java Community United held a rally in front of the gate of West Java Parliament building demanding transparency PPDB, especially about school quota, and demanded the Governor's promise of free high school.

    "Ladies and gentlemen, our Provincial Government of West Java guaranteed that no one is not in high school this year. For underprivileged students, we provide some high school entrance for the less fortunate such as non-academic pathways, inability lines, free schools in Private schools, and the last through open high school, "said Achmad Hadadi in a pickup car brought by protesters.

    The protesters, mostly mothers, worry that their children can not go to school because they do not have a fee. (Even)

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