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    Board Affirms Free Enrollment for High School / Private Vocational School


    BANDUNG-Vice Chairman of Commission V West Java Parliament, Yumanius Untung said registration of new students of High School / Private Vocational School is free of charge alias free.

    According to him, if in the field found levy fees from the private schools so that people who feel harmed can report to the Education Office (Disdik) West Java.

    "All the names of students who are charged for enrollment fees in private high schools / vocational schools may report," Yumanius said in response to PPDB demonstrations in front of the West Java parliament office, Wednesday (6/21/2017).

    Yumanius discloses including the enrollment fees for underprivileged students.

    "Just like poor students who enter public schools are also free of charge," he said.

    For those who ask for levies on poor students it will be followed up.

    "Hatur nuhun (Thank You) for people who have reported that there are still fees for school registration, so we will follow up," he said.

    The data, continued Yumanius should also be reported to the Education Office (Disdik) of West Java.

    "Concretely, the list of names of students who are asked for the cost of school registration can be submitted to the board or Education Office (Disdik) of West Java which will be followed up," he concluded. (MAT)

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