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    Traveller Traffic Flow Into Bandung is Still Crowded Smoothly


    BANDUNG - Entering the five days before Idul Fitri 1438 Hijriah, the traffic flow of travelers, especially those who use two-wheeled vehicles, from Jakarta either through the Purwakarta line or through the Puncak-Cianjur route into the city of Bandung began to look crowded.

    Based on monitoring www.jabarprov.go.id, at the entrance of Bandung precisely in the vicinity of Cimindi border between Cimahi City with the city of Bandung, the flow of vehicles of travelers began to pack the road.

    Although observed crowded, but the flow of travelers vehicles who will head to Subang through Pasteur, Garut and Tasikmalaya direction or towards Cirebon through the Cileunyi line still looks crowded smoothly.

    Until this afternoon, not observed the density of traffic flow, travel barriers travelers only occur in front of the centers of the crowd, such as around the Cimahi Square and in front of the mall.

    However, despite the current obstacles, the condition did not take too long because the officers were seen to regulate the flow of traffic in the place.

    So it is the reverse flow from the direction of Bandung to Jakarta through the main route back and forth in the city of Cimahi still observed quite sway. (Parno)

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