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    Nepal Returns to Buy PT DI Aircraft


    BANDUNG-PTDI products re-glance by the world with the purchase of a unit of aircraft CN235-220 Military Transport by the Army of the Democratic Republic of Nepal or Nepalese Army.

    Manager of Law and Public Relations of PT DI, Irlan Budiman, said the contract with No. The MGO / Fixed Wing / 073/74/65 was signed on June 16, 2017 at the Nepal Army Headquarters, Kathmandu by the representatives of both parties, Major General P. Silawal, as Master General of Ordnance (Provision) Nepalese Army or Head of Agency Nepal Army Defense Facility and Budi Santoso as President Director of PTDI.

    "The signing of the contract was also witnessed by Pilot Major General Sudhir Shrestha, Chief of Army Aviation or Army Chief of Army from Nepalese Army and Isfan Fajar Satriyo as PTDI Commissioner," he said on Tuesday (20/06).

    The aircraft CN235-220 Military Transport ordered by Nepalese Army has the configuration to carry out missions as Troop / Paratroop Transport, Medical Evacuation, Passenger Transport, VVIP Transport, and Cargo which can be replaced in accordance with the operational needs of Nepalese Army.

    The aircraft CN235-220 Military Transport has a front door that can be used as an entrance / exit for VIP / VVIP, while a large ramp door or back door can be worn during parachute and outbound operations, even small vehicles can enter into Aircraft.

    The advantages of CN235-220 aircraft
    CN235-220 aircraft has the advantage that:
    1. Can take off with a short distance, with unpaved ground conditions.

    2. Capable of carrying 49 passengers including pilots and co-pilots and it is a multipurpose aircraft for various missions, such as paratroopers / aircraft troop, medical evacuation, cargo, passenger transport and VIP and VVIP transports.

    3. Have the latest modern avionics system and Full Glass Cockpit.

    4. Multihop Capability Fuel Tank, a technology that allows aircraft does not need to refuel to continue the flight to the next route.

    5. Features Quick Change Configuration, Retractable Landing Gear, and High Wing Configuration.

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