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    Could Be Pilot, Legok Nangka Waste Disposal and Processing Site Will Produce Electricity


    BANDUNG-Waste Disposal and Processing Site (TPPAS) Regional Legok Nangka, Bandung Regency will be a pilot TPPAS in Indonesia. The reason, in addition to processing using environmentally friendly technology and the resulting output is electrical energy.

    "We hope to run well, because it will be the pioneer of waste management based on modern technology and environmentally friendly. And economic value because the waste is converted into electrical energy, "said Aher after receiving Deputy of Strategy and Policy Development Division of Government Goods / Service Procurement Agency (LKPP), Robin Asad Suryo, in Gedung Pakuan, Otto Iskandardinata Street No. 1, Bandung CIty, Tuesday (06/20/2017).
    "If this (Legok Nangka Waste Disposal and Processing Site) so will be 'legacy', because this guy said 'broke eggs'. Hopefully it will be the first time among other waste processing projects in our country, "Aher added.
    The technology used in Legok Nangka Waste Disposal and Processing Site is different from Nambo. Nambo Waste Disposal and Processing Site in Bogor Regency produces dry waste which will become the fuel of cement making. The process at Nambo is simpler and lower cost.
    "If this (Legok Nangka Waste Disposal and Processing Site) process (waste processing) is longer because the resulting waste is burning until it turns into electrical energy," Aher said.
    "But whatever technology is used, the result will be electric energy. We have to face, we must go through, and we must decide so that technology-based and environmentally friendly waste management can be realized, "Aher continued.
    Aher also explained that his party is trying to get help or facilities from the Central Government. Because one city of seven cities in Indonesia appointed to be an example of acceleration of waste management project is the city of Bandung. In addition, Legok Nangka Waste Disposal and Processing Site has also been included in the National Strategic Project (PSN).
    "But in the RDTR Bandung there is no place for waste processing, so the alternative is transferred to the province (regional TPA). And it will be more useful when Bandung Raya garbage becomes the national project acceleration in handling waste, "said Aher.
    "As long as it is Bandung, then Bandung Raya, so the coverage of wastewater settlement is wider plus the result of more electric energy, because the waste is disposed of more. For PLN is more interesting, "he continued.
    Meanwhile, Deputy of Strategy and Policy Development of LKPP, Robin Asad Suryo explained that the current development of Legok Nangka TPPAS project has reached the process of preparing pre-feasibility study documents, pre-qualification, and tender documents.
    "The target will be if everything is smooth, hopefully the end of March 2018 there is a winner of the auction," hopes Robin.
    The work scheme implemented in this project is Government Cooperation with the Business Entity (KPBU). Robin said that Legok Nangka Waste Disposal and Processing Site will be managed by a business entity and will generate electricity to be sold to PLN.
    "This scheme involves investors of private entities to invest in this project. Due to the nature of the investment, they (business entities) need a profit. Well, that's where they are allowed to sell electricity to PLN, "said Robin.
    However, if the profit of the business entity from the sale is not met then the tipping fee will be applied or the waste management fee adjusted for inflation. The tipping fee that will apply is the lowest cost.
    "But if only from the sale of electricity is not enough profit so there is a tipping fee. So later West Java Provincial Government together with the six districts / cities in the regional budget must budget for tipping fee to be paid to investors, "concluded Robin.

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