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    Netty: Woman Should be Independent and Intelligent


    BANDUNG-Chairman of the Family Welfare Movement (PKK) West Java Province Netty Heryawan said Mother's Day is a moment to raise awareness all circles both within government and activists in the community.

    "Mother's Day should be interpreted with substantive that quality of life can be improved," said Netty in the commemoration of Mother's Day in West Java province with the theme "From Women By Women and For Women in West Java" on Tuesday (22/12).

    Considering there are many problems experienced by women, it should be completed by the women themselves through the policy formulation and implementation process. Then women must be empowered, intelligent and able to build a high mentality in preparing the next generation.

    Chairman of the West Java Province Parliament, Ineu Purwadewi Sundari said that the appreciation to women is still very low with a various problems occured.

    Netty expected that the social problems faced by women today can be reduced and resolved. Because people in policymaking have the same understanding of the importance of the women empowerment as pillars, guard the national integrity and the family robustness.

    In this event was also conducted awards to 20 women as a street sweeper in Bandung city, 12 inspiring woman in the fields of education, health, economy, environment and agriculture. 

    It was also attended by the Deputy Chairman of the Family Welfare Movement West Java Province Giselawati Mizwar, Head of the High Court West Java Province Marni Emy Mustapa, Chairman of the Women Parliamentary Caucus of West Java Province Lina Ruslinawati, Head of Dharmawanita West Java Province Ely Iwa Karniwa and representatives of the Women Organisation in Java West.

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