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    3 Areas in West Java is Vulnerable to Traffic Congestion


    BANDUNG-West Java Police Chief, Inspector General Anton Charliyan said there are three main points that are vulnerable to traffic congestion related Lebaran flow in his region.

    "The three points are in Cipali, Nagreg and the toll booth located in Palimanan Cirebon," he told reporters in Bandung, Monday (19/06/2017).

    Anton said the three points that will be prone to congestion, but it expects no synergy when dealing with the problem.

    "In Cirebon itself, there is a Palimanan that will become a vehicle gathering point, because there will be exit Cipali toll," he said

    Anton said, to overcome the congestion his side also has prepared several ways of acting, such as opponents flow, open the lid, and also the posse.

    "We hope there is a synergy between Central Java and West Java, for example in West Java is running smoothly, but in Central Java is becoming jam which is the focus, so that all can be smooth," he added.

    Anton explained for the security of homecoming flow has also alerted 36 thousand personnel combined consisting of Police and other elements.

    "For the preparation of homecoming flow almost 36 thousand personnel combined to be deployed consists of 21 thousand personnel Police and the rest such as TNI, Dishub, Pertamina, and others," he concluded. (MAT

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