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    West Java Governor Makes Sure Homecoming Flow in Northern Route Will Be Smooth


    BANDUNG-West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan predicts the flow of homecoming in the northern route of West Java ascertained smoothly. Because, once had a little constrained by the bottle necking in Brebes Exit (Brexit).

    "It looks like the exit is not in Brebes anymore, but the people who continue the journey up to 100 kilometers away," he told reporters after leading Operation Ramadniya Lodaya 2017 ceremony in front of the Gedung Sate yard Bandung (19/6/2017).

    Heryawan revealed, although the toll road is still in the experimental stage, but the toll road infrastructure can already be used maximally by travelers.

    "I think the toll road building is enough to live for extra security, but the road can still be used maximally by the travelers," he explained.

    Touched about some congestion-prone points in West Java, the number one person in West Java is assessing the peak area is still a congestion in the Lebaran holiday 2017.

    He said the cause of the congestion in the peak area in addition to the people who celebrate Idul Fitri are also visitors of tourism.

    "In addition, the area of Nagreg, Limbangan, and Wanaraja still considered congestion," he said

    To that end, the West Java Provincial Government (Pemprov) coordinates with several relevant agencies will perform extra security in Lebaran forthcoming 2017.

    "We certainly do a lot more concentration to do the security," he said, adding that there will be a posse, so that when the disturbance occurs immediately, police officers are everywhere.

    Aher, greeting the Governor of West Java, also ensures that the bottleneck that during this time when the flow of Lebaran will be resolved quickly.

    "So if the officers are far apart is a bit troublesome, but this is the placement of adjacent officers, so that if the jam can be resolved," pungkanya. (MAT)

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