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    Worry about Homecoming Lane Got Disaster? Check Information In Command Post West Java Regional Disaster Management Agency


    BANDUNG-To ensure the smooth flow of back and forth in West Java area, accurate and up-to-date information on traffic conditions and track conditions are very necessary for travelers.

    West Java Provincial Government through Regional Disaster Management Agency (BPBD) West Java Province opened Lebaran Preparedness Command Post (1438 H) which will meet the needs of residents on disaster information on the route back and forth.

    Chief Executive of West Java Regional Disaster Management Agency, Dicky Saromi, explained that the post is built differently from the regular rest area, because the main service here is accurate and up-to-date information about the disaster in West Java that has the opportunity to influence the path / flow of homecoming.

    "We stand 24 hours from H-7 to H + 7 Idul Fitri 1438 H / 2017 and this post is open to the public," he said at the Post that is located on the page of West Java Regional Disaster Management Agency Office Soekarno Hatta Street No. 629 Bandung.

    "Officers who are ready at any time amounted to 12 people consisting of seven people civil servants and five people Disaster Management (PB)," he added.

    Besides Physical Post, Dicky also explained that people can access Hotline at (022) 7313627-7315274, West Java Regional Disaster Management Agency social media: facebook Bpbd Prov Jabar and twitter @BPBDjabar. "Especially for social media we present the latest info about the various disasters that have occurred in West Java," he explained.

    According to Dicky, disaster preparedness information service is integrated also with city / regency Regional Disaster Management Agency of West Java. This is supported by the use of application-based information technology to accelerate the exchange of information on disaster in West Java, even used internationally.

    "City / Regency Regional Disaster Management Agency also opened Lebaran Homecoming Preparedness Posts and integrated with the provincial Regional Disaster Management Agency. Coupled with intense coordination with Meteorology Climatology and Geophysics Council, Basarnas, Indonesian Army, Police, and Provincial Devices of West Java, "he added.

    Dicky further explained, according to Meteorology Climatology and Geophysics Council, weather forecast H-7 and H + 7 Idul Fitri will be coded and bright. No one expects the disaster will come. "We want the people of West Java to celebrate the holidays safely and comfortably, for this reason this post is formed so that we are always on guard in the disaster prone areas," he said.

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