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    Vice Governor Demiz: Entrepreneurship is Solution for the Future


    KARAWANG REGENCY-Vice Governor of West Java Deddy Mizwar (Demiz) became a speaker in the Seminar on Entrepreneurship of Vocational School in Karawang Regency at Sindang Reret Restaurant, Tarumanegara Street Km 3, Karawang Regency, Sunday (18/6/17). Demiz revealed that with the potential and opportunities of entrepreneurship can be a future solution for the workforce in Indonesia.

    "This seminar is important, can open a new horizon of how much opportunity to become entrepreneurs. Especially for young people, "said Demiz after the event.
    "Because one of the future solutions in which the labor force is so high in West Java and Indonesia in general. Then multiply entrepreneurship or entrepreneur becomes a necessity, "he continued.
    Through incoming investment there is now - both from within and outside the country has not been able to absorb the entire workforce in Indonesia. To that end, Demiz hopes Indonesian young people have the awareness of being an entrepreneur.
    "So it is really not a job seeker, but also an employer for other friends. I think this is a very easy and easy way to address how the bigger employment problems in the future will be, "Demiz concluded.
    West Java Provincial Government continues to encourage the development of entrepreneurship through various training and education programs. Starting in 2013 and West Java has scored up to 60 thousand new entrepreneurs with a target of 100 thousand entrepreneurs in 2018.
    Another effort is to facilitate access to finance, such as through the Loan Love People (KCR) since 2011 ago. KCR has disbursed loans of up to Rp 385 billion with 13,400 customers and involved more than 30,000 workers from businesses initiated by customers.
    Seminar on Entrepreneurship of Vocational School in Karawang Regency is the peak of seven series of activities of SMK Pasti Siap. This activity was initiated by Inspirasi Anak Bangsa Foundation with support from Sampoerna Untuk Indonesia. The seven activities are: character formation, self potential analysis, CV training, job interview, psychotest, entrepreneurship sharing, and social activities.
    SMK Pasti Siap Program is the inaugural program of Inspirasi Anak Bangsa Foundation to select the members of the students of Class 12 Vocational School. The goal is to reduce the unemployment rate, especially from the labor force Vocational School graduates. This activity was held in Bogor and Karawang regency with 150 participants from each district respectively.

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