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    100,000 Family Farmers Switch Professions Every Year


    BANDUNG-Vice Chairman of the Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle (PDI Perjuangan) factions in West Java Parliament, Dedi Hasan Bahtiar, SE said, the main problem of agriculture in West Java is not just the quality of agricultural products or production that has not reached the target, but it’s more fundamentally.

    "Currently, the agricultural sector is facing a condition which the number of farm families in West Java diminishing drastically, with a reduction about 100,000 family farmers who switched professions every year," said Dedi Hasan Bahtiar in Press Conference of End Year Reflection 2015 in Meeting Room F-PDIP DPRD West Java, Bandung, on Tuesday (22/12) ,

    Therefore, based on the program evaluation in the agricultural sector which has been running, the F-PDIP West Java parliament urged governor should give more attention to protect and improve of the welfare of farm families, both in terms of economic, educational, health and technology.

    "It should be soon launched programs oriented on modern farmer groups, which using advanced technology to be able to compete in MEA," he said.

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