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    Ahead of Hajj, 384 West Java Hajj Chairmen of the Group Follow Coaching


    BEKASI CITY-A total of 384 West Java Chairmen of the Group (Karom) of Hajj pilgrims for the departure of Hajj year 1438 H / 2017 received training and coaching from the Ministry of Religious Affairs. Coaching activities for this first generation, carried out for three days from 17 to 19 June 2017 at Bekasi Haj Dormitory, Kemakmuran Street number 72 Bekasi City.

    West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan (Aher) officially inaugurated the guidance as well as providing direction to the Chairmen of the Group who came from Bogor Regency as many as 85 people, Bogor City 24 people, Depok 42 people, Sukabumi 42 people, Cianjur 33 people, Bekasi Regency 54 people, Karawang 53 people, Subang 29 people and Purwakarta 18 people.

    "This coaching is very important for the smooth implementation of Hajj, especially the readiness side of reliable, competent and professional Chairmen of the Group in the field," said Aher, Saturday (17/06/2017).

    Total of West Java Chairmen of the Group itself amounted to 768 people where one person Chairman of the Group will overshadow 40 pilgrims. West Java itself for the year 2017 gets quota of hajj as much as 38,626 or increased from the previous year which amounted to 28 thousand. The quota allocation is evenly distributed to 27 regencies and cities, except Cimahi CIty and Banjar get 20 percent of the total.

    While Indonesia also get additional special quota of King Salman Bin Abdul Azis Al Saud for 10 thousand as compensation from the completion of the renovation of the Grand Mosque. Hence, the total of Indonesia's hajj quota for this year is 220 thousand.

    Aher explained that the government is fully obliged to facilitate and supervise the pilgrims to perform the pilgrimage safely, comfortably and smoothly. One of them by serving all the necessary needs of pilgrims including preparing a reliable Hajj Chairmen of the Group.

    "I hope they (Chairmen of the Group) will be able to serve the congregation optimally from the preparation period until the pilgrimage and return to the homeland," said Aher.

    On the occasion Aher also shares his experience to Chairmen of the Group during guiding the congregation while in the holy land.

    "Do not scare the pilgrims, the good news that the Hajj is easy, Bring a happy atmosphere, do not hesitate to congregation," Aher's message.

    According to him, the task of Chairmen of the Group is not easy, He must continue to monitor the congregation so as not to get scattered. Chairmen of the Group must also convey when the congregation when to perform jumroh throwing in the middle of the congregation of about 5 million from around the world.

    "It's a tremendous task to not see the rewards but the bigger rewards come from Allah SWT because the material rewards are not worth the job," said Aher who continued with the vest to the Chairmen of the Group officer symbolically.

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