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    Free Homecomers are Released by Governor at Gedung Sate


    BANDUNG-Approximately 3000 homecomers from West Java dispatched in 3 locations simultaneously, namely Bekasi, Bandung and Sukabumi with a total of 60 buses.

    In Bandung, the departure of travelers immediately released by West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan in Gedung Sate, Saturday (17/6).

    "Be careful on the road to the travelers if it is strong to continue the fast, if not for fear of illness, do not force, but if you are strong, should fast," said Aher, at the release speech.

    Aher also reminded the travelers to not forget to pray. Perform prayer with jama qosor (summarized) unite two times of shalat into one time, that is, to draw the Isha prayer to the time of Magrib with the number of rakaat, magrib remain three rakat and Isya summarized into two rakat ", he explained.

    Aher also advised the drivers to be careful to carry passengers, and not fatigue.

    "Take care of stamina, because it brings homecomers to their hometown, do not be unrealized" hope Aher.

    West Java provincial government free trip is the program of West Java Transportation Department for the 5th time held. The governor hopes, next year the number of buses increased the number of buses to 100 buses. (Even)

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