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    Bio Farma Holds a Ramadhan 1438 H Cheap Market


    BANDUNG-PT Bio Farma (Persero) carries out low-cost market activities simultaneously in two sub-districts which are ring 1 Bio Farma, Sukajadi subdistrict Bandung, and Cisarua subdistrict West Bandung Regency, on June 16, 2017 in each sub-district office. The event is held in a series of events Bio Farma CSR activities to welcome the holy month of Ramadan 1438 H. Activities are intended for the less fortunate residents of the two sub-districts, selling basic needs of 10 kg rice, 2 liters of cooking oil and 2 kg sugar, Rp25.000, - per package.

    Head of Division of CSR & PKBL Bio Farma, Herry R said, cheap market activities, held to ease the burden of citizens who are in ring 1 Bio Farma, to welcome Idul Fitri feast that will fall in the coming days, and blessings ramadhan, can be felt by "This activity is a series of Bio Farma activities, in welcoming the holy month of Ramadan We provide subsidies for residents in ring 1 Bio Farma, through the purchase of basic needs in the form of 10 kg of rice, 2 liters of cooking oil and 2 kg of sugar at the price Rp25.000, - per package ", Said Herry. Herry added the results of the sale of this cheap market, will be distributed to the mosques that are also located in the area of Bio Farma, in the form of assistance provision of Al Quran or other direct assistance.

    Meanwhile, Head of Sukajadi Sub-district, Yudy said that his party expresses his gratitude for CSR activities in the form of cheap market from Bio Farma, because this activity helps people in Sukajadi subdistrict which are less able, especially for citizens who work as culverts, Who jumped ahead of Eid, "We thank you for the activities
    Because these activities help our citizens, to be able to meet basic needs amidst the price of basic needs rising, while their relatively stagnant in purchasing power, "said Yudy.

    Bio Farma Ramadhan activities in addition to low-cost market, Bio Farma also organizes donations for 100 marbot mosques and 182 orphans, sahur and breaking the fast for 1,000 worshipers in the last 10 days of Ramadhan in the activities of itikaf at An Nur Bio Farma mosque. Bio Farma also organizes free homecoming activities for 500 people who are in the city of Bandung, West Bandung regency and the general public. (Even)

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