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    Guarantee Society During Transaction, West Java Improves Tera Service


    BANDUNG-West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan (Aher) wants the public to be assured that the goods purchased are in accordance with the weight or capacity listed on the goods and there is no lie or dose reduction. Therefore services on tera, re-tera and legal metrology in West Java will continue to be improved.

    After executing the signing of a joint agreement with eight regencies and cities in West Java on tera service, re-regulation and supervision of legal metrology, held in Gedung Sate Bandung, Friday (16/06/2017), Aher said, to build people's comfort when transacting, His side will lower the officers and tera tera back to the field.

    "Of course on certain days the officers or supervisors will directly come down to the field by bringing the measurement directly because it may be on the ground there are still violations," said Aher.

    Aher hopes that the transfer of Tera service authority, re-registration and legal metrology from the Provincial Government to the district and city government services to the community will increase. The traders will later be given the education, do not let them feel lucky when the scales is not balanced.

    "Say in a kiosk the scales is not parallel unbalanced means there is something wrong, traders do not feel when the scales is less lucky when guns, it is cheating," he explained.

    In the future all the tools of measurement and weighing and calculating tools will be in the re-tera. In addition we will also provide services of redesign in each traditional and modern markets.

    "Once they get the goods must be provided weigh re-tera services who knows there is a shortage right, if there is direct complain to the seller right at that time," said Aher.

    The signing of a draft agreement on the service of tera, re-tera and supervision of legal metrology has been regulated in Law No. 23 of 2014 on regional governance that fundamentally changed the service affairs of Tera, re-tera and supervision of legal metrology which was originally a matter of the Provincial Government turned into the affairs of the district and city government.

    In the signing, West Java provincial government handed over the authority of Tera service, re-tera and supervision of legal metrology to Tasikmalaya Regency, Garut, Ciamis, Pangandaran, Kuningan and Cirebon and Tasikmalaya and Banjar municipalities.

    Aher said Tera service, re-tera and supervision of legal metrology for the District and City that have not been able to organize to pass cooperation between regions that have been prepared.

    "Cooperation between regions will be facilitated by the West Java Provincial Government," he said.

    The implementation of tera service, re-tera and supervision of legal metrology will ensure legal certainty and correctness of burning, weighing and measuring results and providing protection to consumers throughout West Java.

    Implementation of cooperation is done by way of regions that are able to perform services to assist other regions in the implementation of services tera, re-tera and legal metrology by utilizing tera human resources, facilities and metrology infrastructure that it has.

    The services of tera and re-tera can be done at the offices or outside the UPTD office which handles the implementation of legal metrology in the form of tera and re-tera owned by regions that are capable of carrying out the ministry.

    Previously West Java provincial government has facilitated a joint agreement with Karawang government, Purwakarta and Subang for the provision of services tera, re-tera and legal metrology

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