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    The High Number of Residents in West Java is not Threatening Diversity


    BANDUNG-According to data from the Central Bureau of Statistics (BPS) as of December 31, 2016 the number of residents in West Java Province reached 46.7 Million Souls or 20 percent of the Indonesia's population and twice the population of the Australian continent.

    Various tribes, ethnicities and religions exist in West Java. According to Vice Governor of West Java Deddy Mizwar, the diversity is believed not to threaten diversity at all. Not once he heard of inter-ethnic conflict in West Java.

    "There is no problem in West Java, now it is rumored to continue the problem of diversity and very sensitive. many ethnics exist in West Java today, ever ther is no conflict between ethnic, interfaith, not in West Java, maybe in other areas there, I see there is not Altogether in West Java and comfortable, "said Deddy at the Four Pillars National Socialization at the Office of Education Jabar, Bandung City Thursday (15/06/2017).

    Deddy said, the number of large and diverse population does not have the potential to threaten diversity. In contrast, with 97 percent of the population of West Java that is Muslim it brings blessing for the entire community.

    "This is one of them influenced that Islam Rahmatan lilalamin, in West Java the majority of Muslims are 97 percent.It must be maintained until later elections, legislative election and presidens election," he said.

    In the socialization of these four pillars of nationality Deddy also explained to the participants who are students from various high schools in the city of Bandung. Four pillars of nationality among them, Pancasila as the basis and ideology of the state, the 1945 Constitution as the state constitution and the decree of the MPR,

    NKRI as a form of state and Bhineka Tunggal Ika as the motto of the state must be really understood and instilled to the younger generation.

    "With the socialization of these four pillars I hope to be more open to understanding what Pancasila is, I hope not only memorize the point but understand its meaning because it is not a short event to give birth to Pancasila, it should be instilled to the young generation," he explained.

    "Especially now that the media social era where instigating incitement into irresponsibility can make its own news spread it, so the understanding of these four pillars must be owned by our young generation," added Deddy.

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