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    Women Has Inscribed Many Works


    BANDUNG-West Java Provincial Government held three national event commemoration, on Tuesday (22/12), at Gedung Sate Bandung. Those three days of commemoration, were the 87th Mother's Day, National Social Solidarity Day and the International Disability Day. West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan acting as an inspector ceremony.

    On that occasion, Governor Ahmad Heryawan expressed the President’s appreciation to the regional who has succeed reducing poverty in their region. He is the Mayor of Bandung, Ridwan Kamil. Ridwan Kamil assessed successful in social activity and to alleviate poverty by providing a budget of Rp 31 billion.

    Next, the awards for West Java Provincial Government was given to the Best P2WKSS received by the Regent of Cirebon, Companies that hire women (BCA KCU Bogor and PT. OMRON MFJ). And also variety of award given to cities, hospitals, integrated health centre, and community leaders who have a concern for the people with disabilities.

    West Java Governor in his speech explained that the 87th women's movement was a fairly long journey. Many works have been inscribed to this nation. Therefore, Mother's Day is celebrated annually on 22 December has a very broad meaning to appreciate women as a mother with a variety of roles.

    Women should be synergise with other components to successful national development. Women must be given the same access as men through gender mainstreaming in creating a conducive environment. Equality will be realised when women are in a conducive environment.

    Another thing should be considered is the alleviation of women poverty has to resolved through women empowerment, including health reproduction to reduce maternal deaths in childbirth.

    “I invite all elements of West Java to pay attention to eliminate violence against women. All the facilities should be equipped friendly to women. And it is all our resposibility,” said the Governor.

    After the formal ceremony, Governor and Mrs. Netty Prasetiyani Heryawan accompanied by the heads of OPD conducted a review into the booths women production results.

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