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    Aher: Take The Time To Achieve Hereafter and World's Success


    CIMAHI- The characteristics of a believer is that when Ramadan comes he greeted with joy, and at the same time a believer is also very sad when Ramadan goes to the end point. This is expressed by West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan in his speech and lecture at the end of Ramadhan Safari and Rover Tarawih of West Java Province 1438 H / 2017 M, at the Grand Mosque of Cimahi Square on Thursday (15/6). On that occasion Ahmad Heryawan invites the congregation to reinforce the ability to seek the grace of Allah SWT.

    "Let us affirm our gratitude, so that by his grace we can enter the place that we desire, that is heaven." Let us present a long vision of the future to heaven, not just worldly success, "he said.

    Furthermore Aher familiar greeting governor explains, God ordered Muslims to succeed in both, present the most important thing is the matter of the afterlife. We make the success of the world as a material for the success of the afterlife, one of them multiply the prayers of the good of the world and the hereafter. Goodness will be rewarded by God 10 to 700 times depending on our sincerity. This month of forgiveness, we multiply to istighfar after praying.

    "If the human limit of 60 years and the upper limit of God gives the average 70 years, then that time is nothing compared to the hereafter," he added.

    On this occasion delivered the zakat distribution for dhuafa of Rp 50 million and the distribution of Al Quran from Vice Chairman Baznas of West Java Province to the Chairman of DKM Grand Mosque Cimahi Square. According to the Governor, the best treasure is managed by the piety people. Do not let this world present wealth rests on the wealth of a particular group of people, then wealth is controlled by people capitalized so that there is a sharp economic gap.

    "Therefore, let us present our Islamic understanding to balance through our doctrine by sanctifying wealth to make it evenly distributed," says Aher.

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