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    Chairman of the People's Consultative Assembly: The Importance of Pancasila Continues to Be Increased


    BANDUNG-People considered to have started to ignore the values of Pancasila in the life of nation and state. The reason, everything is measured by money.

    Chairman of the People's Consultative Assembly (MPR) RI, Zulkifli Hasan exemplifies the practice of money has begun to master all the lines of community life. One of them, in the Election of Regional Head (Pilkada).

    "Now all its size is almost valued with money as in the elections, the House of Representatives so not choose because of value but because of money," he said in Socialization of the Four Pillars of Nations in Bandung, Thursday (15/6)

    For that, said Zulkifli required the formation of nation character through the noble values of Pancasila.

    "This is what we need to keep to our children from high school to college," he explained

    The activities of disseminating Pancasila value, one of the four pillars of nationality to the younger generation is not just the duty of MPR but the whole society.

    "Because if only the MPR did it then it would not work," he said.

    Zulkifli asserted that the character of the nation is not submitted to the younger generation, the ideology from outside will be easy to enter Indonesia.

    "Now that's dangerous, therefore need to build the character of the nation," he said.

    According to him there needs to be institutions that socialize Pancasila to the government such as candidates for Regents, Governors and Parliament.

    "It is important to do so that the bureaucrats are also Pancasilais," he concluded.

    The socialization of the 4 pillars of nationality by the MPR RI in Bandung was attended also by Vice Governor of West Java Deddy Mizwar. (Even)

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