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    There are still Regencies in West Java Delinquent for BPJS Contributions


    BANDUNG-West Java BPJS Health records there are three districts in West Java who have arrears of payment of contributions up to hundreds of billions rupiah.

    Head of West Java BPJS Health Regional V Muhammd Edison said the three districts include Sumedang, Kuningan and Majalengka.

    "Sumedang and Kuningan already have good faith by paying the contribution dues in installments through Regional Budget, while Majalengka until now there is still no clarity," he told reporters in Bandung.

    The arrears are big enough that Sumedang reaches about Rp74 billion, Kuningan Regency is in arrears of Rp 18 billion, Majalengka Regency reaches Rp 102 billion.

    He hopes that the arrears are paid for BPJS Health services to beneficiaries (PBI) or poor participants can continue to get health services.

    He added that he has cooperated with the local state attorney to encourage the delinquency of the dues to be paid immediately. Jo

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