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    SOEs Share, PLN Spreads Ramadan Gifts


    BANDUNG-The Ministry of SOEs synergizes with 14 state-owned enterprises, one of which is PLN, to share happiness with disadvantaged communities in urban areas.
    I Made Suprateka, Head of Corporate Communications Unit, said the SOE Synergy Program is Attending to the State to distribute 250,000 packages of Ramadan 1438 H simultaneously on Tuesday (13/6) night.
    "The momentum of Ramadan is a time to contemplate, to surrender, to serve and to help those in need. Division 250 000 Gifts Ramadan Activity, "he explained in a press release on Wednesday (14/6)
    Each packet contains 5 kg of rice, 2 liters of cooking oil, 1 kg of sugar, 1 can of biscuit / wafer, 1 bottle of syrup, 1 bottle of soy sauce and 1 T-shirt SOE with the total of each package worth more than Rp 200.000.
    In West Java, the distribution of Ramadan parcels is held at six points in Bekasi, Bogor and Depok.
    Director of Regional Business of Maluku and Papua Haryanto WS also attended to open Division of Ramadan Share of SOEs Share Program at Rhoudotul Muflihib Mosque Kampung Susukan Bojong Gede Depok.
    "The momentum ahead of the holiday is the happiest time, we want to share the joy with the whole community through the distributed gifts of Ramadan, Hopefully it can alleviate the burden of life and add to the happiness we are all here" he concluded. Jo

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