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    Five-Day School Implementation Needs to be Gradual


    BANDUNG-Regulation of Education Ministerial Decree No 23 of 2017 About School Day which arranges school period for 8 hours a day in 5 school days in a week has been issued. The regulation signed by the Minister of Education and Culture on June 12 is declared valid since its enactment, only one month from the new academic year 2017-2018.

    However members of the House of Representatives Commission X Ledia Hanifa Amaliah asked the government to be flexible in its implementation among others by implementing it gradually, as the release received www.jabarprov.go.id, Thursday (15/6).

    "The government's good intention to encourage the strengthening of character education, as well as to equate the working standard of Civil Servant teachers is still constrained by the problems of facilities and infrastructure and subjective conditions of the community so that it needs to be phased in with periodic evaluations," he said.

    Ledia reminded that 'full day school' does not merely change the methods, processes and teaching materials but also requires sufficient time lag for learners and teachers to rest, pray and eat. Likewise, the late afternoon return time will be faced with the question of "safe and secure children when returning home from school".

    "There are still thousands of schools in unreached areas and there are thousands of school children who have to walk a few miles from and to school. On the other hand, learning time until this afternoon means that schools must be prepared with adequate canteens or catering and proper places of worship. For parents this is an additional cost if children have to eat at school for those who do not bring provisions from home, "he concluded.

    Therefore, this FPKS alleg also asks the government and local government to continue to coordinate among ministries to support the implementation of a better education system.

    "The problem of minimal school facilities and infrastructure, inadequate transportation, to help for poor students hindered by data validation, all need to be coordinated jointly between ministries and agencies in order to support each other. As long as it is not fulfilled, do not force the school to meet the clause of 8 hours per day for five days because we do not want to happen until the school has been five days, the canteen and the facilities of worship are not enough, malnourished and tired children, the intention of strengthening the character is not achieved, "he said.

    No less important, according to Ledia, schools also need to communicate and work more intensely with the parent or guardian so that two days without school can be filled with activities involving togetherness with children.

    "One of the foundations of five days of schooling so that children can be closer to the family, this means that parents also need to be invited to sit together related to the adjustment of school time, so that the purpose of strengthening the value of togetherness in the family really can be achieved," he concluded.

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