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    The Month of Ramadan is the Month of Madrasah


    MAJALENGKA-Ahmad heryawan gave a lecture on at West Java Provincial level Ramadhan Safari and Traveling Tarawih at Masjid Raya Majalengka on Wednesday (14/6).

    In his speech, the Governor explained that the month of Ramadhan as a madrassa for spiritual guidance. To present a Muslim's clarity in living the life of a nation as a whole.

    "Diversity is not just a fact of life, it is the nature of life itself. Every human being is created specifically, nothing exactly the same, as human fingerprints are different from one another, so diversity is commonplace, but the difference is not Things of concern, but piety to God, "he said.

    Aher further explains, the difference is not a thing to be contradicted, should be put forward the spirit of togetherness and the spirit of tolerance.

    Aher also explained about the development process is underway. "There must be progress that has been achieved, let's together we are grateful and involved in the development of the Indonesian nation on the areas and skills mastered," he said. At the end of his speech, Aher invites the congregation to use this remaining Ramadan, for a more elevated worship.

    On this occasion it is delivered zakat distribution for dhuafa of Rp 50 million and the distribution of Al Quran from the chairman of West Java Province National Amil Zakat Agencies to the chairman of Masjid Raya Majalengka Family Council.

    Also present at Safari Ramadhan, Governor, Majalengka Regent, regional leadership communication forum element of West Java Province, regional leadership communication forum of Majalengka District, religious scholars, officials of Local Government of West Java, Majalengka District Government officials and Majalengka community.

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