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    This is What the Railway Traveler Needs to Look For


    BANDUNG-President Director of PT Kereta Api Indonesia (PT KAI), Edi Sukmoro, explains several things to keep in mind Lebaran travelers who use train. Among others :

    1. Pay attention to the targeted relationship because not all the relation of this train is sold.

    2. Start paying attention to when the train departs and immediately print their own boardpass, starting from H-7 departure.

    3. Obey the maximum volume of luggage. For those allowed a maximum of 20 kg, if more can be charged additional fees.

    4. Should come one hour before departure on the consideration of the standard of travel security that must be completed plus not piled up at the station.

    5.Not allowed to carry dangerous or explosive items, such as sharp weapons, including animals.

    "I think this is our joint cooperation so that the Lebaran operation done by PT KAI from H-10 to H + 15 can run smoothly, so that people will obey these things," said Edi.

    He hoped that during the Lebaran homecoming will not be disturbed by the unpredictable weather conditions. "We hope that during the flow of this homecoming weather does not interfere with travel," he concluded.

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