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    Rumah Wakaf Held Ramadan Boarding School in Tasikmalaya


    TASIKMALAYA-In order to enliven the month of Ramadan, Rumah Wakaf held a Ramadan Islamic boarding school in Padasuka, Indihiang Sub-district, Tasikmalaya. This is an annual program implemented by Rumah Wakaf during Ramadan.

    From the release of Rumah Wakaf, a number of 200 people consisting of children and students, and the general public follow this activity. In this Ramadhan boarding school held two programs namely santri mukim and weekend program that is intended for the general public who can not follow the activities every day.

    "Demanding knowledge is an obligation for everyone. For that, we open the opportunity for anyone who wants to join Ramadhan boarding school activities, we allow and we facilitate it, "said Egis Permana, Village Facilitator of Quran Rumah Wakaf, Tuesday (13/6).

    Some events are held among them, Ramadan Campus, Graduation Tahfidz Ramadan, and learning materials for students. Also held a recitation for mothers and parents of santri in the region.

    "Through this activity, we hope to provide facilities to gain knowledge, and provide opportunities to be closer to the Quran. Hopefully we all can take advantage of Ramadan opportunity with the best, "said Soleh, Director of Rumah Wakaf. (Even)

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