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    Sumedang Regional Spatial Planning Will Be a Model


    SUMEDANG- "After completing the various notes on the Regional Spatial Planning (RTRW) of Sumedang Regency, which was subsequently endorsed this week, I hope to proceed immediately by making Spatial Detail Plan (RDTR)." This was said by Vice Governor of West Java, H. Deddy Mizwar, responding to exposure of Regional Spatial Planning (RTRW) of Sumedang Regency submitted by Regent Sumedang, H. Eka Setiawan in Papandayan Meeting Room Gedung Sate Bandung, Tuesday, (13/6/2017).

    It is said by Deddy, with the rapid preparation of Spatial Detail Plan (RDTR) Sumedang regency, Sumedang expected to be a model for other city/ regency that are slowly judged in terms of completion of Spatial Detail Plan (RDTR). "If Sumedang can quickly develop Spatial Detail Plan (RDTR), it will be a motivation as well as a pilot for other cities/ regencies, and if necessary, related finances can also we help," he added.

    Previously, the Regent of Eka was accompanied by Assistant to Development, H. Dede Hermasyah, Head of Development Planning Agency, Research and Regional Development, H. Sanusi Mawi, Head of Housing, Settlement and Land Affairs, Gungun Ahmad Nugraha, Head of Disaster Management Agency, H. Ayi Rusmana as well as several representatives of Regional Devices of Sumedang Regency, implementing RTRW Exposure in front of the Coordinating Board of Regional Spatial Planning (BKPRD) of West Java Province.

    On that occasion, Regent Eka explained that the old RTRW in Sumedang Regency has been in effect since 2012, in its development, it is now necessary to make adjustments to previous RTRW related to various programs such as fast train program with route Cileunyi-West Java International Airport and Monorail . "In addition, the construction of Jatigede Dam, Cileunyi-Sumedang-Dawuan toll road project, the construction of Sukasari Lembang alternative road, as well as the anticipation of Aerocity Majalengka development also became the basis for changes in RTRW Sumedang Regency in order to strengthen regional development so that it has competitiveness and will certainly provide Contribution to the provincial and national governments, "he explained.

    RTRW Sumedang Regency itself is currently an addition to the article, which originally has 88 articles, there are 108 articles. "The policy on the old RTRW is to realize Sumedang into an agribusiness area supported by tourism and industry, then this time added by education with the Jatinangor as education area," said Eka.

    "I would also like to thank the BKPRD and hopefully the recommendation on our RTRW (Sumedang Regency) can be fast, because this (RTRW) is highly awaited by the region (Sumedang) to continue development and for investment as well," he hoped.

    In relation to Sumedang as a pilot in the preparation of RDTR for other regencies / cities in West Java, Eka admitted that he was ready to immediately improve the results of the record of the BKPRD team of West Java Provincial Government which must be immediately repaired or added in the RTRW of Sumedang Regency.

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