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    Pindad Takes the 2017 Asia Mast Exhibition


    BANDUNG-PT Pindad (Persero) joined in the National Defense and High-Tech Industry (NDHI) cluster Ministry of SOEs in the Indonesian pavilion following Maritime / Air Systems & Technologies for Defense, Security and Safety (MAST Asia) exhibition held on 12-14 June 2017 in Tokyo, Japan.

    The Ministry of SOEs present at MAST Asia is represented by the NDHI & NSHI cluster featuring various mock ups along with product posters. 5 SOEs attending the event were PT Pindad, PT Dirgantara Indonesia, PT Pal Indonesia, PT Len Industri and PT Dahana. The SOEs that are not present are directly represented by product posters.

    President Director of PT Pindad, Abraham Mose, said that Indonesia's participation in the maritime and air system technology exhibition is to show the various technological advances, especially in the defense industry that is not inferior to other countries.

    "Indonesia Together with Japan and India are representatives from Asia who follow this event," said Abraham Mose in his official statement in Bandung, Tuesday (13/06/2017).

    Furthermore, Abraham Mose describes Pindad featuring mock ups and maritime product posters and excellent products such as Anoa Amphibious that can operate in waters and land, Anoa which also operates in international peace mission and Antasena tank boat equipped with 105 mm canon and has great destructive power.

    Other products featured include the Rhinos armored vehicle equipped with 90 mm canon, prototype medium tank development along with FNSS.

    "Weapons and munitions that have won various international shoot competitions, Pindad also displays industrial products such as marine equipment, excavators, transport components and agricultural machinery," he said.

    As it is known, MAST Asia is the largest trade show event, defense conference and international community enabler in Japan followed by defense industry from various countries in the world. (MAT)

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