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    Temporary Market Triggers Congestion Lebaran Homecoming Lane


    BANDUNG-West Java Province Department of Transportation stated that vehicle traffic jam in Lebaran Homecoming Lane is caused by temporary market activity and vehicle ownership growth which is not balanced with road growth.

    "The growth of roads in us is only 1.2 percent, while the increase in the number of vehicle growth in us can be up to 12 percent. Ratio is basically comparable," said Head of Department of Transportation (Dishub) West Java, Dedi Taufik, on Lebaran Transportation Forces 2017 ceremony in the page of Gedung Sate Bandung, Tuesday (13/6/2017).

    Dedi revealed there are 52 points prone to jammed in the homecoming route north, central, and south of West Java.

    "The point of congestion has been we map, if we estimate the congestion point is in the north 17s point, then the middle there are 18, and south 17 points," he said

    According to Dedi, in the north there are Simpang Jomin, Cikalong Purwakarta, then Sukamandi, Tegal Gubug. As for the middle line of West Java, he explained, the point of jammed in the area ofthe Peak Path, Padalarang, Ciranjang.

    "Then go in the middle direction there is Tanjung Sari, there is a market, gas station and there is a square .The point of congestion in the middle we will also do canalization," he said.

    While in the southern region, said Dedi, the stuck-prone points in the Limbangan, Leles, and Gentong.

    "For the Gentong area there is a gas station, we canalize no one from east to west to the gas station, and there will be traffic cone installed," he concluded. (MAT)

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