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    West Java Transportation Department Will Overcome Congestion on Three Lebaran Homecoming Lanes


    BANDUNG-Head of Transportation Department (Dishub) of West Java Dedi Taufik said that the preparation of Lebaran 2017 transportation must have the administrative and physical readiness of the vehicle so it is worth the way.

    "Then readiness of human or the rider both healthy physical and spiritual," said Dedi on Lebaran Transportation Forces 2017 ceemony in the yard of Gedung Sate Bandung, Tuesday (13/6/2017).

    Dedi explained that his side has prepared road traffic by installing the signs also improve the Public Street Lighting (PJU) located on the provincial road.

    "Alhamdulillah yesterday in Garut has connected 40 points and we have worked with PLN in preparation for this Lebaran Homecoming," he explained.

    Dedi explained in the area of West Java there are 3 trajectories that will be used in the transportation of Idul Fitri, among which the north, middle and south trajectory that there are congestion nodes.

    "The first node congestion mooring side of the existence of temporary markets, gas stations and restaurants," he said.

    According to Dedi, his side has coordinated with West Java Police to overcome the points of congestion node by doing canalization.

    "Especially in the national arterial road, it can turn right causing traffic jams, so we will install barriers and so on which are all included in the canalization program," he said

    As for the middle and south lines, said Dedi, both lines have side barriers. Based on data in 2016 there was a high traffic jam in the lane. Almost 35 percent are dominated freight transport.

    "Based on the Ministerial Regulation, on H-7 and H + 7, the type of mining and quarrying goods such as trucks transporting sand and stones should not cross the track," he said.

    While On H-4 and H + 3 vehicles that should not pass that is wheelbase 3 or a capacity of not more than 14 thousand kg.

    "We call on H-7 and H + 7 to not cross in West Java," he said.

    Dedi added West Java Transportation Department will also prepare a parking bag to anticipate traffic jams and traffic accidents.

    "For example I went to Jakarta there are some node congestion point barrier on the shoulder of the road from KM 4 to KM 11. Well this we will coordinate because there is still time. Will be shifted first so that if there is a vehicle accident can step aside first," he concluded. (MAT)

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