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    Ranks of Transportation Department Do Alert Ceremony in Facing Lebaran 1438 H Homecoming Flow.


    BANDUNG-Ranks of West Java Transportation Department do Alert Ceremony in the framework of the readiness to face Lebaran 1438 H / 2017 flow, Tuesday (13/6), held at Gedung Sate Bandung yard.

    Acting as inspector of the ceremony, namely, the Expert Staff of the Minister of Transportation, Major General Marine Buyung Lalana, who read the remarks from the Minister of Transportation. The ceremony participants consist of the ranks of West Java Transportation Department, City/ Regency Transportation Department of West Java, scout element, and Indonesia Army / Police. Marking the operational readiness of officers in the field, the ceremonial inspector wore a vest to three officers: Indonesia Police, Transportation Department and Scout representatives.

    Minister of Transportation in his speech, emphasized the importance of the commitment of Transportation Department ranks to safety and smooth flow of homecoming this time. Therefore, supervision and checking of any public transportation for the Lebaran homecoming will be conducted.

    Regarding Homecoming Post, Minister of Transportation stressed the importance of delivering information to travelers, so that they can receive information well, and therefore there must be coordination with the command center in their respective areas.

    Minister of Transportation also explained that as an effort to reduce the death rate due to traffic accidents, it will be held free homecoming which year now amounted to 296,942 people. This homecoming program, will make the movement of travelers, from private transportation to public transportation, he explained.

    "I reiterate once again that the safety and smooth flow of homecoming is what should be prioritized, therefore the field officers must have the competence and compliance in carrying out their duties," he said.

    "Be friendly and patient in the field to the community, and serve the community of information applicants as well as possible," he concluded.

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