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    Governor and Vice Governor Pay Zakat at Gedung Sate


    BANDUNG-The Governor of West Java, Ahmad Heryawan and Vice Governor of West Java, Deddy Mizwar simultaneously register themselves and their family to pay zakat in Gedung Sate through National Amil Zakat Agency (Baznas) West Java. It was done in the event of Zakat Conscious Movement, Towards Zakat Awakening in West Java, in the Hall of Gedung Sate Bandung, Tuesday (13/6).

    "I enrolled 13 members of my family, made up of me and my wife, children and maids," Aher said.

    According to Aher, zakat is one of God's programs for equity of wealth. The concept is very clear origin and its intended.

    "Unlike taxes, if the money tax is collected then the allocation of money can be for anything, but if the zakat allocation is clear only for 8 eligible recipients," he explained.

    The 8 groups of people who are entitled to receive zakat or Mustahik namely Fakir is a person who has no wealth and effort, Poor is a person who has property as much as his needs or more but not sufficient, Amil zakat is the person appointed by the ruler or his deputy to take care of zakat, Muallaf is Newly converted to Islam, Riqab is a servant whom his master has promised that he may redeem himself, Gharim is a debtor, Fi Sabilillah is a man who fights in the way of Allah, and Ibn sabil is a worthy traveler, Just to the point.

    According to Aher, zakat also has a clear concept of welfare improvement. The current recipient of zakat, is expected next year to be the giver of zakat.

    "It is the concept of improving the welfare of the people, it is expected that this year become the recipient of zakat, then because of its increasing economy then the next years become obligatory zakat or zakat donor," said Aher.
    Aher hopes with the Zakat Conscious Movement, all obligatory zakat or Muzakki, can continue to grow from year to year. (Even)

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