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    Aher Participates in Doctor Prosedural Test


    BOGOR-Being anxiety for a leader who has a various natural resources in his region, such as land potential and marine potential. Unfortunately, this potential is not optimal in utilization. Especially the benefit for the community.

    Utilization of natural resources must necessarily be based on qualified science that would make the existing natural resources can be transformed into various benefits. Based on this opinion, he decided to proceed the studies to pursue S3 majored in Economics of Marine Resources at Bogor Institute of Agriculture (IPB).

    This study is related to his study when he was took magister in Economical Resource and Environment Agribusiness. He hopes by taking this study, he can improve West Java holistically.

    On Sunday, October 18, 2015, Aher pursue his vision by taking the academic potential test (TPA) by Bappenas to register in this doctoral study.

    Even though the official procedure is quite complicated, he remains followed all the procedure process. He said to the Public Relations of West Java province at the test location, he must be obliged and obediently follow the official procedures are applied in institute due to of his role models for the whole society.

    "The governor is public function, but as a student we should participated in general procedures," he said. He added that there would be no privilege to him during the next coming study process. In the morning tests, there are 250 questions from Bappenas that divided into three segments that will be taken in the duration of three hours from 09.30 - 13:00 without break. In order to pass the doctoral, Aher required to reach the TPA score at least 500.

    He was sitting in the third row seats left, with the serial number 181015045. The test results could be checked on Wednesday, October 21. The test result can be taken in Bappenas Jakarta or sent to the IPB or participant's home. Referring to the list of attendees, the two periods Governor of West Java's did not want the test result delivered to the home, but he would check it in these 52 years old institute. His participation is appreciated by other participants.

    Teddy Sunandar, one of the test participants, which sits just behind Aher, said that each system has a structure that must be respected.

    "Everyone must respect to academic procedures includes the public officials. I appreciated the Governor Aher who remains involved the procedure," he said.

    According to him, like the previous magister test, Aher also remain involved a series of requirements for doctoral student in the biggest agriculture institute in Indonesian. "If there is no leader that obey the procedural, public would instantly imitate," he said.

    Vera, one of staff in IPB, said that according to the rules, after the test there was a trial determination of new students. However, the results of the TOEFL test is not required because there would be a next course.

    Furthermore, if he pass the entrance test of doctoral in IPB, Aher will take a class every Friday and Saturday. According to him, study of economic marine resource requires the presence of a student for no reason.

    Student have a permit may only twice did not attend the class, more of that he/she can not take the exam and do not pass automatically.

    "I'd go to class every Friday at 16 o'clock to 22 pm, while on Saturday from 08 o'clock to 14," said Aher enthusiastically.
    According to him, if there is not urgent event at the weekend, it will be represented by Vice Governor, Deddy Mizwar. These class is planned begin on November 2015. Hopefully his intentions to solve this anxiety can be eroded soon.

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