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    Pesantren Kilat Membiru Season 3 is A Momentum to Change Paradigm


    BANDUNG-In accordance with the religious teachings that the 9 doors sustenance comes from trading while 1 is only for employees. For that reason, the activity of Pesantren Kilat Membiru Season 3 this year can be said as a place to change the paradigm of the worker to become an entrepreneur.

    "I hope from this pesantren kilat with the theme of Youth and Quran can change our paradigm," said Vice Governor of West Java, Deddy Mizwar (Demiz) when opening the event of Pesantren Kilat Membiru Season 3 with the theme "Youth & Quran" in the area of Islamic Center Diponegoro Street Bandung, Monday (6/12/2017)

    Demiz said from the beginning of our paradigm is how to quickly graduate school with the best figures in order to quickly work. Not how to create business in order to create jobs.

    "This paradigm should be changed as if we will not get sustenance if we do not become workers, whereas the door of sustenance is wide open from the commercial sector," he said.

    However, unfortunately, Muslims choose a single door by being a worker. This condition leads to the minimal number of Muslim entrepreneurs in the country

    "Unfortunately most people choose one door because they want to be employees," he said

    "That's why how many non-Muslim businessmen in Indonesia become big businessmen and how many percent of Muslim entrepreneurs are in Indonesia," he added.

    Demiz exemplifies the Rosululloh became a successful entrepreneur, even though adolescence had become a worker.

    "Rosul also trade despite being a worker as a shepherd but after adulthood he became a successful entrepreneur," he said.

    "Unfortunately our country allows skilled people to become workers with the number of existing SMKs, 70 percent of the productive age does not guarantee the workforce is absorbed by the industry, so this paradigm pattern must be changed," he said.

    Demiz considers the solution is to change our paradigm from worker to entrepreneur.

    "Who is more useful, who gives work or job seekers? We Muslims should change that paradigm," he concluded. (MAT)

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