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    Aher: PON Clear Inspection Results, No Problems


    BANDUNG-West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan (Aher) revealed that examination results PON 2016 West Java report has been clear and in general there is no problem. It was revealed after receiving the Report of Examination Result (LHP) on Local Government Financial Report (LKPD) Fiscal Year 2016 West Java Provincial Government from the State Audit Board (BPK) RI in West Java Parliament Building, Diponegoro Street No. 27, the city of Bandung, Monday (12/6/17).
    "The results of PON checks have been supervised by BPKP (Financial and Development Supervisory Board). BPKP has said clear, in general there is no problem. Then when the entry BPK (Supreme Audit Board) detailed and investigated further, "said Aher after receiving LHP LKPD FY 2016 West Java provincial government.
    "Of course large projects are implemented in a fast time, together there is a non-civil servant element there. The non-civil servant is professional, but for financial reporting is less professional because he is not familiar with the government's version of financial statements, "he continued.
    This resulted in the process of making financial reports for a long time. Because it involves all parties in the implementation of PON, such as athletes, committees, artists involved in the opening and closing ceremonies, as well as various other parties including the civil servants themselves.
    "The important thing is the PON goes well and after consolidated entirely, it was Alhamduillah with difficulty - because of the difference of character was it, one professional one civil servant. Different atmosphere. And then in financial affairs there is a little gap, but the gap is successful we solve, "said Aher.
    Furthermore, Aher said that there are things that still become homework of PON 2016 then, that is recording allocation of goods or assets of the area purchased for the purposes of PON. Assets purchased by Regional Devices Organization or Board of PON are currently being collected for distribution to those in need in order to be efficient.
    Aher admitted his side is coordinating with various parties - whether it is Regional Device Organization (Sports and Youth Service) or related sports. "We are coordinating with the parties. It can be used by Disorda (Department of Sports and Youth) to practice children as sports nursery, can also be given to the sports (sports branch). I think just it, "Aher said.
    "Now everything is being collected. Then in the future we will make meetings. Later there will be distribution, who will have it, "he concluded

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