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    Building Civilizations from the Mosque


    SUMEDANG REGENCY-In addition to being a pivot of religious activity, the mosque also became one of the strategic places in the effort of community empowerment. The mosque became the heart of the people, who also became the pillars of the resurrection of the people. So that the mosque can also be a partner of educational institutions in shaping human civilization.

    "The mosque as the center of Syiar Islam, also the mosque as the center of civilization development of the ummah, in this case, we also hope the Mosques in West Java can also develop with good management. So, in addition to praying, dhikr, recitation of the Qur'an, then Majlis Taklim, this mosque can also develop as a place of community empowerment development, "said Vice Governor of West Java Deddy Mizwar, at the 4th Sumedang Mosque Enchantment Festival, Ramadhan Year 2017 (1438 H), at the Sumedang Great Mosque, Sunday (11/06/2017).

    As with the 4th Sumedang Festival Enchantment Festival, as well as Gema Ramadhan Year 2017 held by Sumedang Great Mosque Family Council today, which when developed further and regularly held, this event can be a means of developing the potential of halal tourism destination in West Java and in Sumedang particularly.
    Along with that, continued Deddy, the surrounding community can also empower economically, with direct participation, or indirectly as the existing events. In addition, through the various activities that exist, how the formation of characters can be started from the mosque.

    "Similarly, related to socio-cultural issues, how the coaching on both of these things is very appropriate when developed in the mosque. In the mosque for example, certainly the expression of culture that is displayed will exist in the moral corridor. As an example here was shown Pencak Silat accompanied by rebana musical instrument, this creative innovation. So one day we will see the mosque become the center of the development of Islamic civilization, so it really works optimally, "he said.

    Chairman of the event committee Atep Saefullah hopes, The event theme this year "Love Mosque, Love Culture, Love Country, Love NKRI" can bring blessing for society of Sumedang, and West Java in general. The series of activities such as the appearance of art-culture, bazaar, and Islamic religious studies, will take place over the next few days.

    "Alhamdulillah, at the moment we are opening the 4th Sumedang Grand Mosque Enchantment Festival, as well as Gema Ramadhan Year 2017 (1438 H), I as the committee chairman of the event God willing this event runs smoothly, and present blessings for the community, of course make good for the community Sumedang, and West Java in general, "said Deddy.

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