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    Vice President Inaugurates to Sumedang Grand Mosque Festival


    SUMEDANG-Festival of the 4th Sumedang Grand Mosque was officially opened by West Java Vice Governor Deddy Mizwar (Demiz), Sunday (11/6). Before the arrival of Demiz, the community has gathered neatly at the venue as impatiently waiting for the presence of Deddy 'Naga Bonar' Mizwar, especially among mothers waiting in the front row. When the Vice Mayor attended, not immediately received a welcome shout and applause from the audience.

    "This is the 4th Sumedang Grand Mosque festival, and two of them I attended directly," said Demiz opened his speech, welcomed by the audience.

    In a speech before the Sumedang Regent Eka Setiawan, board of Sumedang Great Mosque Family Council and the audience, Demiz expressed his appreciation for the event that has been held every months of Ramadan.

    "On behalf of the person and government of West Java Province, I appreciate this kind of activity, which can show that the mosque can be the center of the people's activities other than its main function as a place of worship," he said.

    Demiz also gave a special message to mothers so that during Ramadan do not overdo shopping.

    "Logically, when running fast (shaum), we eat less, eat only twice a day, but why is shopping so much? I hope that such a culture will not be done anymore," he said.

    According to Demiz, prices are rising every Ramdhan and Idul fitri, one of which is due to excessive spending habits from the community itself. (Even)

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